Salamanca Place is the home of the Salamanca Market in Hobart

Clearing Sales & General Auctions

Salamanca Auctions

Call 0419152612 for a quote


Salamanca Market is run by the Hobart City Council, who have staff on-site each Saturday. The Market Coordinator can be contacted through

If you want us to help you find a Stallholder or product, please complete the form below.

Stallholder positions change during the year and the large number of casual stalls mean that it is not always possible to find the item you're after. Another factor is that some of the stallholders appear to go into hiding during the week! But, we can identify stallholders in about 50% of cases.

If you wish to submit contact information for any stallholder or shop to us, then we will keep it on file to assist other people in future.

We do our best to answer enquiries within 7 days, and your details will not only be used to answer your question. If you wish to receive information regarding the Market, including occasional updates, please email



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