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Salamanca Place and Salamanca Market - Tasmanian Premier Lifestyle Precinct


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A photographic site with Accommodation and Restaurants throughout Tasmania

Two authentic Charcoal Grills operate in Tasmania, The Ball and Chain in Salamanca Place, and the other 100 miles away in Launceston, the Jailhouse Grill. Whilst the businesses are not associated commercially, a similar experience can be had at either. Top quality Tasmanian beef prepared in a consistently excellent manner. If there could only be two restaurants in Tasmania, let it be these!

Hobart Waterfront and Sullivans Cove

Tasmanian emblems can be found here, for example
The Tasmanian Flowering Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) was identified and named by a French naturalist, Labillardiere, in 1799. Read more about it HERE. It may grow to over 60 metres in height and is most common in southern and eastern Tasmania although some examples are found on the Bass Strait islands and in southern Victoria. Its timber is highly valued for its strength and durability.



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