If there was a cable car to the summit of Mount Wellington, how much would you be prepared to pay to ride on it?

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Devonport is home port for TT-Line vessels Spirit of Tasmania I and Spirit of Tasmania II, Australia's largest passenger, vehicular & freight ships. Daily sailings from Melbourne and Devonport occur at 9pm, with daylight crossing at peak times of the year.

This is what she looks like from St Kilda Beach

The previous 'Spirit' broke records in 2000/01 with an increase from 173 to 190 return trips to Melbourne carrying nearly 300,000 passengers and 117,040 vehicles.
From Sept 1st 2002, "The Twins", Spirit of Tasmania I and Spirit of Tasmania II will provide the most convenient and readily available means of travelling to Tasmania so far in the Islands' history.

The Port of Devonport Corporation invested $3 million in new Port infrastructure to meet the needs of the new vessels. For more information go to http://www.portdev.com.au


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