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Getting to Hobart, Tasmania

First you have to get to Tasmania. Tasmania, or, "Tassie", as many Australians like to call it it an island, so you have to fly or sail here. The most comfortable way to get here is by boat, and the TT-Line vessel "Spirit of Tasmania" sails from Station Pier in Melbourne's Docklands district to Devonport, which is in the middle of our Northern Coastline. See  this page for more information. Once you get onto the island, you'll drive for about three hours to get to Salamanca. Transport and Accommodation information and bookings, HERE.

Public Transport in Tasmania

Hobart has a great public transport system, but Salamanca Place is just about within walking distance from anywhere in Hobart. Catch any bus to the city and it's only a few blocks. Basically from the city head downhill until you reach the rivers edge and follow the waters edge until you see the old stone warehouses. That's the Place! 

You'll be able to get a cab most times, but don't count on finding one on New Years Eve.

Driving in Tasmania

If you take it easy, you'll find most people here are courteous on the road. Tasmanian roads, especially those heading West from major centres contain lots of bends and hills. It is therefore easy to under-estimate the time required to cover distances. For example the 38 km from Queenstown to Strahan will take at least an hour in dry conditions. Make sure you buy car insurance that'll fit your needs before bringing your car over to Tasmania. Please know that tourists occasionally crash here because they cover larger distances that they usually drive, on roads that are designed to carry lower volumes of traffic than other capital cities. So, please take it easy, and pull over if you see more that a couple of cars banking up behind you. We drive on the left side of the road.

Hobart is a 55 minute flight from Melbourne. Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Qantas and Tiger Airways offer several flights each day.

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