Tasmania Love this Place Salamanca Place the home of the Salamanca Market in Hobart Tasmania
Salamanca Place is the home of the Salamanca Market in Hobart


Shopping in Hobart

Cool Wine is jam packed with wines and beer from around the world. Expert advice available from wine-loving globe-trotting owner Tim Goddard. Favourites are the Tasmanian wines whose provenance and value is thoroughly understood by all staff. Cool Wine really knocks the big chain bottle shop experience for six. Plenty of specials and suggested combinations, packs to suit any budget or taste.

Cool Wine in Criterion St. HBT. Deliveries to all suburbs, mail orders despatched quickly to anywhere.

Bagdad Pottery 'the mug that says "I'm yours" now available online HERE

The Spindle Tree - handcrafted knitwear

Bagdad Pottery, custom made porcelain mugs with your name or nickname.

Cascade Brewery Tour

Jock Young - artist

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