Salamanca Place is the home of the Salamanca Market in Hobart supports the Mount Wellington Cable Car project

Clearing Sales & General Auctions

Salamanca Auctions

Call 0419152612 for a quote

Annick's Antiques - Maritime Antiques & Collectables
Hampden Rd., Battery Point (Opposite Jackman & McRoss and Prince of Wales Hotel)
10 mins walk from Salamanca Place & Salamanca Market
Ph 0401 824 128

20110706_thumbIMG_3529.jpg 78.4K
20110706_thumbIMG_3509.jpg 57.9K
20110706_thumbIMG_3510.jpg 62.1K
20110706_thumbIMG_3512.jpg 59.5K
20110706_thumbIMG_3513.jpg 85.4K
20110706_thumbIMG_3515.jpg 71.6K
20110706_thumbIMG_3517.jpg 75.3K
20110706_thumbIMG_3520.jpg 88.7K
20110706_thumbIMG_3521.jpg 81.6K
20110706_thumbIMG_3522.jpg 74.1K
20110706_thumbIMG_3524.jpg 60.4K
20110706_thumbIMG_3528.jpg 61.5K
20110706_thumbIMG_3530.jpg 60.3K

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