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Alluring Art-online gallery has created a website forum that captures and features Tasmanian artists and their jewellery and fashion accessory creations with deserved understated elegance.


Our collection is reflecting the beauty of our island with the qualities of unspoiled nature and blossoming creativity.  Combined with excellent craft skills, admirable and unique techniques, love and care for detail and design, every piece of jewellery and accessory turns into a precious unforgettable Tasmanian experience…you wear it and you always remember.


We endeavour to communicate the characteristics of every item with several pictures showing close-ups and proportions, with helpful descriptions and personal notes from the artist.


Our forum is also highlighting artists’ skills and abilities as inspiration for private commissions and wholesale arrangements. We are celebrating art in general by promoting on our website special shows, art projects, open studio opportunities or other selling outlets for all artists exhibiting with us.


Alluring Art is providing a personalized customer service for all orders,  enquiries and custom-made requests.






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