Salamanca Fruit Market Providors

Salamanca Place was established as a warehouse and storage area close to the existing waterfront in the 1830's.

By the 1970's the area began to provide cheap space for artists but the dominant use was run-down storage and wholesale distribution from the sandstone warehouses built in the mid nineteenth century.

Tourism was just starting to take off with quicker and cheaper flights from Melbourne and Sydney as the Wrest Point Casino was opened in 1973.

In 1974 local traders established the first Salamanca Market and this was taken over by Hobart City Council and really came into it's own as a tourist attraction by the 1980's.

As Salamanca Place became more gentrified and property values and rent increased, the building uses changed to incorporate more retail space and eventually the current restaurant and lifestyle precinct was established. The original sandstone has been restored on buildings where it had been rendered or painted and enhanced with trendy interiors containing bars, eateries, galleries and predominantly craft or gourmet based retail outlets.

This site attempts to portray Salamanca Place and Salamanca Market in a way which enriches the experience. The best local tip is to visit Salamanca Place anytime you're in town. While market day has it's own appeal, something unique can be found in any of the big, medium and tiny shops, alleys, cafes, bars and restaurants any day of the year.

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