Salamanca Place is the home of the Salamanca Market in Hobart



Knopwoods on Fridays - Tassie's ultimate 'local'

Salamanca Square

Salamanca Square

Southwood Protest

Victoria Dock

Salamanca Place is famous for its regular Saturday 'Salamanca Market' and a whole street of 19th century sandstone buildings which were the warehouses of the Port of Hobart for about 100 years. These historic buildings and Hobart's waterfront from Salamanca Place to Hunter Street are a fine example of Australia's maritime history. 

As Hobart is still a working Port, you can experience some of the feelings of what the world may have been like 100 years ago. You'll see tall ships, businesses moving goods to markets all over the world, visitors from everywhere else, and the local hospitality is always irresistible! 

Come on down to Salamanca Place and Sullivans Cove, find yourself a quiet cafe or a boisterous waterfront bar, visit day or night.

Salamanca is the centre of much of the city's' cultural and social life, with theatres, restaurants, galleries, cafes, places to stay and and all manner of shops that you can enjoy any day of the year. Many of businesses in the area are listed here. 

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